Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hello Again.
I know I disappeared.
I'll admit I was really depressed, but thank you guys for all of your support. I shouldn't have disappeared this is not how I should cope with things. I just got a bit overwhelmed I guess. I had finals, I met with one of my professors who told me he doesn't have money either. If I can't get someone who will fund me I have to get a master's. Not terrible but not what I worked so hard for. I've just been very introspective lately and I got so caught up in my own head I didn't get to come over here and let you guys know what's up.
1) Final grades: 2 B, 1 A :)
2) No Prof yet, working on it.
3) Got a thing in the summer that will pay me 2 grand :)
4) No idea what my weight is
6) Moving into summer housing sooon, and cleaning.

I haven't been eating well. Too much. No idea what my weight is but I'm most likely up the four pounds I lost. BUT it's summer and I don't have anything to do. No excuses.

-Only fruits and veggies...mostly fruits like watermelon.
-No starch veggies. NONE.
-Allowed drinks: G2, Sugar Free red bull
-Exercise EVERYDAY. Any way.

So that is my summer plan. I stick to that day by day I will be skinny. I will take my multivitamins so I don't die and I should be fine. The plan will start when I get a fridge and finish moving. Which should be by Sunday at the latest which means I have a week to clean up my act a bit before I have to weigh in monday morning and begin. Super busy until then  so I will be back in a week my darlings. :)



  1. it's alright honey. it sounds like you're in a bit of a pickle so it's very understandable!
    i can't wait to see you again xxx

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Hey :)
    My name is Alia
    current weight around 300lbs (fuck I know)
    my goal weight 120 lbs (I'm serious)
    I am 6ft
    And I think you and I could really help each other :)
    I believe in ana and that it can help me to perfection
    Hope you can get back to me, and maybe we can email :)