Friday, May 23, 2014

Moar Money Plz

I forgot I was poor.
So very very poor.
My bank account cannot under any condition handle paying like $70 a week on food. Yes, I got skinnier. Yes, it's healthy. But gosh it will make me more broke than an ugly hooker. So I have to crawl back to restricting hardcore and counting all the calories than this wonderful week of healthy food merriment. Oh well.
On the brightside I just got a new job :) so I will have a bit more money soon and be able to work vegetables and fruit back into my diet.

Today was the transition with the remainder of my healthy food into my less than healthy alternatives. I didn't have much money left after the health food push so idk I got random things that were lowish in calories. I had watermelon for breakfast and lunch (200-300 cal) and I just had chicken alfredo for dinner (550). So my day total is 750-850 which is really good considering I'm not even hungry. I just hope nothing crazy happens with my body before monday because I NEED to see an amazing number. I know I've lost some weight because at 3:30am this morning I weighed myself in the hallway of the fraternity I'm in for the summer. I was 333.6 at night and in clothes which gives me hope for what i actually weigh. I'm gonna figure out a way to weigh in naked and in the daytime without people seeing me.

I haven't started working out yet because I am a sleepy lazy cat. Also someone just got robbed on campus so I am not too keen about walking around. *Shrug* I'll start floor exercises soon. Squats and..idk pushups and lunges and situps. I don't know haha.

Sam: Haha you should see my room for the summer. My clothes are just in bags and shoved into this tiny closet. I miss my normal dorm room soooooo badly. I can't find anything and it's so annoying. I think once I get skinny enough I'll just give all of these clothes away in one go and restart with a small reasonable amount of clothes! Yeah I was way easier on myself when I knew I wasn't eating crap food. When I ate watermelon earlier I didn't even look up calories until I was tallying for the day. But as soon as I break out pasta there were measuring cups and calculators. Odd thing.
Cursum Perficio: YES ALL THE VEGGIES!! (I wish I could afford them haha)

Scarlet :)


  1. "37%!!!! SO BOSS. Keto is good, awesome for losing, I just could never meet my macros when I tried it but you're doing great! :)"
    thank you, sweetie. it doesn't feel that way though. i feel like i am eating far too much. i'm finding it very hard to keep a lid on my eating.

    and yes! i used to be 217 pounds. :) doing the averages out, it comes out to be 37% of my total body weight.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. awwwwww! 70$ *flushes* i've used up a lot more money for a lot less food.
    "I'm gonna figure out a way to weigh in naked and in the daytime without people seeing me." *whistles*
    oh don't get me started on clothes. i still have most of my clothes from when i was 8 sizes bigger. and i still sometimes wear some of the sweatpants. i can no longer wear my shirts however as 10 size difference makes me feel genuinely uncomfortable. i feel like i am being swallowed.
    watermelon is one of the few fruits that i'd eat *and i don't like most fruits nor veggies. i do make an exception for watermelon though - oh and mangoes and bananas. i periodically crave mangoes and bananas and watermelon.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Weighing yourself naked in a fraternity house?! Hm, I see a movie coming up... It's got togas in it.