Monday, May 26, 2014

Small Victory

Weigh in Day!!!!

That's like 5 pounds, not bad, I'll take it. Finally got under that damned 330. This week I think I'm gonna go even more hardcore, maybe toss in a few fasts. Mostly because I had bbq today. Nothing major considering most of it is just meat, but I need to keep the progress going and  even if this day doesn't really affect anything, making it up with a fast isn't going to hurt me.

I figured out how to weigh myself. No I didn't do it naked. But I weigh in a pair of short shorts and a tshirt. Just gotta listen in the hallway before I weigh so that no one sees me. Takes about a minute to weigh in so ehhh.  It works best when it's early and everyone is sleep. Which means I might be able to weigh daily once I get my new job. It starts at 8:30am which means I'll be up waaay before everyone else in the house.

Oh and I went to visit home yesterday, my parents said I look like I'm losing weight. Amazing what a difference in a week. Apparently I am human again and not a gelatinous blob. Yay. Jerks. But compliments are compliments.

Also my friend wants to have a birthday party on friday, a bbq and bar hopping. Never been bar hopping, but I think on thursday I'll go shopping for some nice clothes. Hell I should fast until friday and be as skinny as possible....we shall see. Maybe.

-New low weight
-Fasting tomorrow (liquid probably)
-Almost everyday weighing!!

Happy Memorial Day!!


  1. 5 pounds?! very good.
    prouddd. <3
    meat. yes. barbecues and i are friends. beforehand, when i was a vegetarian, barbecues and i were still friends because i got to skip lunch without people noticing. not that they notice now.
    not sure what that comment was about, but yes, my parents never notice what i do/don't eat. they just always assume that i do eat because i have no reason not to.
    greaaaaaaaaaaat. omg.
    i'd probably do the weigh in every day regardless just because i cannot go in one day without weighing in. i wish i can. i can't!
    seriously? parents.
    sounds like a good day you're going to have. <3
    never been bar hopping either. religion forbids alcohol entirely.

    and as a comment to your post on my blog:
    and i have 50+ lectures in which i can't remember most of. and an exam tomorrow. i'm going to cry.
    i was fasting? xD i never knew. :P

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Oh my, 5 pounds! That's amazing, girl!
    I don't weigh naked because I'm too lazy :P I just weigh wearing whatever I am.