Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Carefree Ana

Hey Y'all,
I did mi fast yesterday and never even got hungry. it was surprisingly easy. I was reading some of you guys' blogs and i felt the pain and suffering we anas go thru everyday. Restricting, binging, hating, weighing, seeing the damage and then doing it over. and over. and OVER. so i set out to devise a plan to fix this. I call it : CAREFREE ANA (also known as checkerboarding to me).
Carefree Ana Plan:
Fast every other day faithfully. on days when you are not fasting, eat normally. Yes, NORMALLY. this will keep your body in limbo as it cannot slow metabolism after 1 day fast and your metabolism is forced to come back in a ravenous full force when you eat and then get nothing the day after that. This also will cut down on your discovery. if people see you eating every other day they can't say they never see you eat. therefore you won't have to worry about rehab or whatever. Be carefull not to binge. binging will not completely ruin everything but you will not lose and you will not gain. if this logic seems skewed, think about the last time you fasted or highly highly restricted and then you were forced to eat normally. you lost weight right? that's because the body thinks you've "broken down" and lets go of fat reserves and acts like the fat kid in a candy store, gobbling up everything in site. once this happens you fast again. the body says OH SHIT cause it let go of reserves and has no choice but to eat all of your extra weight away.
Also, be sure to keep your colon clean. don't go spazzy with the laxies, but take enemas or something just to clear everything out and make you lose weight faster. also, go to calorieking.com or something right after you weigh yourself and see how many calories you need to stay at your current weight. this is your MAX INTAKE on days when you aren't fasting. don't go over or you will start to kill your deficit on your fasting days. Also, the MAX INTAKE is your CALORIE DEFICIT on fasting days.
say for example you need 1500 calories to stay at your current weight and you fast every other day (364 divided by 2), which comes out to 182 days of 1500 cal deficit which means that you blast 78lbs a year! (I kno y'all are saying HELLS YES rite about now). it keeps binges down cause you're eating and you get to burn hella calories. you will have enough energy to work out so don't be a slacker OK!

NEway, when you get to goal weight it will be easy to maintain because your body is used to your MAX INTAKE so you can eat normally and not get fat. it's foolproof and easy!
so like i was saying i fasted yesterday and ate today, none too shabby. i didn't eat everything in site, a lot of fruit and a smoothie and i'll admit i had a little treat: a red bean paste cake from chinatown. estimated:200 cals, so not too bad and a tasty treat. not that i do it often, normally just on weekends. Ialso did twenty minutes on mi stationary bike this morning! yay!
Scarlet <3 :)

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  1. When you say fast faithfully, do you mean no food at all. Are you allowed water, herbal teas or diet coke?