Friday, July 31, 2009


So mi parents think that the checkerboard is unhealthy so they basically told me to stop. So I am back to glorious calorie counting, which kinda gets on mi nerves. to be honest i'd rather not eat at all than count cals. I had around 800 cals today which is really good but no where near the 270 i had planned for. wat i didn't expect was to go out. i thought i'd be in all day and have no room for error. what happened was i went out and ate a lot of my new obsession: Silk Live! Soy Yogurt. it comes in a ton of flavors at only 150 cal each. i was in heaven. in total i had 4 today, 600 cals, and three, though technically two and a half, cups of watermelon, 150 cals, which brings mi total to 750cals, and then some odds and ends (they had samples of tortilla chips w/ jalapeno soy cheese, and sesame sticks. only 2 tortillas and only a palm full of sesame sticks, low,low, cals). And I walked today around downtown, so quite a burn. also lost another inch off mi hips...maybe i'm losing weight fast cause i was so fat bfore???
Scarlet <3

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