Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ok i'm still on mi fast but yesterday i had a little fun. I went to this restaurant w/ mi fam and i kno wat u'r thinking: O mi God restaurants r evil!!! not to worry girls, i handled this one fairly well.
Wat i ate yesterday:
1 miso soup(basically broth & tofu)
sichuan(can't remember how to spell it) broccoli in garlic sauce(very tasty and low cal)
1 pomergranate peach smoothie( all fruit! and totally yummy)
1 bag of dried mangos( ok this cost me a little 400cals but i will never do it again)
I felt really good for mi strength. mi dad is not on the fast so he eats watever he wants. the following info may be triggering so skip to next paragraph if u'r weak( not that that's bad or NEthing)
wat mi dad ate yesterday:
6 crab ragoons( oooh i think i almost hated him 4 that, they're mi favs)
1 HUGE chicken wonton soup(intoxicating)
1 mango smoothie w/ yogurt(O_0 yogurt, softserve tasty...)
2 peanut butter bars at 513 cals each

so yeah there was major temptation there but i stood stong w/ mi mom. All i have to do now is learn the art of leaving something behind and then move to leaving most of it.
I took a tumble on friday and i'll admit i was trying to cheat. there was frozen bread in mi freezer so i was trying to sneak it to mi backporch so it could thaw. i tripped on a chair, flew three feet, mi wrist slammed into the concrete slab step(from kitchen to enclosed porch) and mi shoulder went into the backporch floor, with mi knee going into the kitchen floor. yeah, super fun. mi dad was coming back there so i dragged miself to a pot and shoved the loaf in it before he could see it. i forgot about it as i tried to deswell mi wrist, and l8r when i went back there to retrieve the loaf i figured ana was trying to tell me something and i put it back in the freezer( yay me). if i'd done that to start with i wouldn't still have a sore wrist, shoulder, and knee.
so that's mi weekend so far. love u guys!

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  1. Hi there.
    I don't mean to sound rude or anything, because I don't know the full extent of your 'ana', as I have only read to here so far,
    but anorexia is nothing to sought after, and nothing to desire. It is not a cop out, lazy way for people to loose weight. It is a disease, and you seem like a bit of a wannarexic, someone who just wants to be anorexic. You can't just wake up one morning and decide that you want to be anorexic. It doesn't really work that way. I'm only saying this because I have been diagnosed anorexic for a while now, with plenty of failed recoverys, andif you read this, just go get help or make a fucking sandwhich or something. Nothing makes me sadder then when people wish this upon themselves. You obviously have no idea how much anorexia fucks with your head and tears you apart. Trust me, you don't want this for yourself