Friday, July 24, 2009

Salt Water Flush

Hey y'all,
so i tried a salt water flush cuz i haven't had a BM in like four days. tmi, i kno, but it's needed. so NEway, i mixed 1 tblsp of sea salt with a liter of warm water(to dissolve sea salt) and downed it in about three minutes ( i've heard some ppl have to take like half an hour but not me!). I like salty things (it tastes like soup broth) so it was easy for me. then i worked out, yay me! So it worked and i had a BM and now i'm happy. my mom scared me when i was younger saying that if you didn't have BMs you get lockjaw and die, so yeah, that was my motovation: not to die fat and chocked full of crap.
Also I'm fasting today and mi stomach is hella angry with me, i don't kno why. it keeps growling at me like a junkyard dog. I might have some watermelon at midnight. i have to stay up and wait for mi mom to get home. this whole checkerboard plan is going so well! mi parents are so super proud of me!! I can see mi clavicle and feel mi hip bones. i kno that sounds weird for a size 18 girl to be able to feel her hip bones but i can. i can't SEE them, but i FEEL them. also mi ribs are separate from the rest of mi stomach. mi stomach is also very soft like so i think it's about to drop off (hit the road bitches! fat cells, not you guys). see the thing with mi fam on mi dad's side is that we all have what we call compact weight. we look waayyy smaller than we weigh and it's hella deceptive and unhealthy. so i think mi compactness is going (hence the softness) and it will all drop off. i think i'm my mom and dad rolled into one. when fat i'm compact, then lose compact but stay same size (think i weigh less tho) and then i lose size when i lose more weight (bye-bye soft fat). mi mom only has soft fat so she is loosing more than me rite now size wise. i am way jealous. but i still love her and would never sabotage her.
So nothing new going on, except that the kid next door hates me. he's about ten or tweleve and has the most adorable two year old brother ( I adore little kids). NEway, sometimes i see them on their back porch and i say high or wave. the little bro ALWAYS waves back or says hi. the older bro never says nething. EVER. no wave, no acknoledgement that i even exist. i don't get it. his mom, dad, and little bro speak but he doesn't. i don't know why but this gets on mi nerves soooo much!
Also this guy i kno, let's call him JH, who i used to like and hang out with is getting on mi nerves. he's a total liar. Here's the run down. i've had three classes with him over about 1 and a half years. he's cheated off of mi quizzes (take homes) and has been a jerk and a total sweetheart intermittenly. he goes between practically stalking me to signing off facebook as soon as i come online. WTF?! why am i still caring right? Well the thing is i wrote a book, yes an honest to goodness book, and i sent it to him to let him read. he was supposed to read it on flight to lebanon(his "home") and he hasn't said anything about it or even contacted me since about may 12. ya. also, he claims he comes from lebanon and his father works in saudi arabia, his mother descends from like a family of iranian princes, blah blah blah. Here's what i think:
1) he's a trust find baby from east coast. i think this because i googled his name and a guy with the EXACT same name, a JH jr. runs a string of highend and highly successful cleaners in New York. Coincedence? i think not.
2) JH is taking a arabic history class in the fall. ok so if he did know all this arab history he would get a surefire A, but i think he needs it for his front. ok, moving on.
3) mi dad got on me for texting this past month (we don't have txt in our plan) so i looked at the bill and saw that i was texting someone with a BOSTON number. i don't know anyone in boston so i checked the number on mi txts and guess who's number it was? you got it, JH. you guys are so smart.
4) how in the hell did he get a boston number if he's only been in the US for 2 years and has only been to Chicago?? (also fun fact, he was actually born in LA and moved to lebanon with fam as a baby. that's his story any way)
5) he's either lying to keep up this elaborate "please don't kidnap me or latch on to me cuz i'm rich" scheme or he's schizophrenic. i just took a psych class this spring so i kno. i would like the think he's not crazy.
So i'm super irritated that he's being such a jerk. Okay, no more ranting, got to go read blogs and finish mi fast.
Scarlet <3

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