Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3 of Fast!! Realizing mi limits

So hey y'all!
I'm still doing well and because I'm a baby ana i have to realize mi limits. yesterday i had a killer migrane and had to eat a banana :(. not a binge but not wat I wanted to eat. so i decided to include watermelon w/mi fast. i think i would've done better if my mom had juiced carrots on monday. but i went w/o for 2 days and mi body couldn't handle it. I'm still feeling the hunger(good stuff!) and so far I've lost one inch off mi waist. I should tell u guys that i don't have a scale and don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting near one. I went to this hotel furniture resale shop n they had a scale but their scales are hinky and always come up w/ 270lb, or 180lb, neither of which are rite(ya, BIG difference). so I try to think in mi head wat i weigh, but i just am going to stick w/inches...they never lie!
Nothing interesting has been going on lately, I just got an email from JF, this fat girl at mi church who hates me bcause i have a better GPA than her and go to a better school! HA!. she's trying to get me in this special christian kids group full of ppl like her. maybe mi section will be better as mi school is ranked higher than hers(hahaha). Can you tell I luv competition??
Okay guys, xoxo and stay strong and always be Scarlet <3

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