Monday, July 6, 2009

Day one of 40 day fast

Hi everyone!
I'm Scarlet which is of course not mi real name, but embodies what i stand for. I am an aspiring Anorexic who is on her way there. Rite now I am too big to list weights, so if i give weight updates it will be in sizes. rite now my size is 18(pause for huge gasps) I'm trying to get that down. my first goal size(gs) is size 8 because that's what normal girls are. I'm tall so I'm shooting for somewhere like size 5 or 6 as final gs. if that sounds big i'm sorry. I'm only sixteen so i can't get scary skinny. plus as much as I'd like, I can't let Ana completely rule mi life bcause I am also in college, going into Junior year this fall (yea!) so i can't not focus on school or I'll lose my amazing gpa.
Now that intros are out the way, rite now i am on my 40 day fast that is guaranteed to help me shed these ugly pounds and reach gs 1 by august 15. today is day one,but i'm doing really well, feeling good. Now mi fast is a little different than wat u guys may be used to. i'm not not eating nething, i'm only eating a small amount of one thing, but there's a reason 4 that. the one thing is seaweed, which will keep my metabolism running full speed ahead. if my metabolism goes to crap i'm dead, so i'm spreading one small bowl (about 1and a half cups, maybe two) of seaweed over the day so my metabolism will always be working, and also seaweed aids in speeding up metabolism. every thing else is going to be water and about 6 ounces of carrot juice(100%, i juice it miself) per day. by my calcs I should lose a lot of weight, maybe even 80 pounds by the time i go back to school. I also work out like a maniac so that will help. I am not in a desperate ""got to hide the not eating" like a lot of my fellow anas. this is because my parents and i are very close and i just told them i need to detox/religion/lose weight. because i've never shown NE initiative in the weight loss dept. they are behind me 100%. I love food, but it seems to hate me. So i am doing all of this for me.
Fat has ruined most of my life and while I'm still young I want to know wat it's like to be thin and beautiful. even if i can't reach ana level beautiful i at least want to be slim and normal. any and all encouragement is appreciated.
stay strong,
Thin. Beautiful.Empty.Ana

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