Monday, August 17, 2009

Cleaning and Losing

Hey Y'all,
I kno I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but i wanted to come back with real results. So I now weigh 239.5lbs, finally below the 240 mark!!! I am worried that i won't hit 235 by saturday when i go back to school shopping, so I made a deal with myself last night:
If weight is:
240~240.5: FAST LIKE HELL
239~239.5: Juice Fast
238~238.5: Eat light
I figured anything below 238 i would still fast so that i would hit 235 faster. But i wound up in midrange so it's a juice fast today. Mi parents are health nuts (me too) so we have carrot juice, watermelon juice(a killer diuretic), lettuce juice, celery juice, and those are really helping out.
I'm still cleaning because i'm kinda lazy, but it's pretty much done so my mom is cool now. I'm also gonna study my organic chem today because i haven't done it all summer and i need to be back in the zone by monday (really mi first orgo class is tuesday, but I want to be ahead of the curve). i'm going to go buy these gawd expensive text books tomorrow so ya, gonna be broke for a min. well mi parents will neway.
I'm a little upset because i kno i weigh less than wat i'm seeing (the semi-monthly vistor is around..) but idk, if i can get to 235 before saturday (when the visitor leaves) then i'll see a much lower number. does neone know how much more you weigh during a period??? that's a legitimate question so if you can please answer cuz i have no idea.
So, if you guys remeber from a few posts ago i mentioned this guy called "JH", and how he's a jerk, blah, blah, blah...well i still haven't talked to him ALL SUMMER even though we had a class last semester and the three semesters(ya THREE) before that. so i'm hoping to avoid him until november when i will (hopefully) be under the 200 mark. I'll be looking sooooo good. I mean not as good as i'd want but Wayyy Wayyy better than now. i wanna shock him. show him that i can do it, that i'm better w/0 him. ya a bit childish but idc.
Also my abs are looking really good now. i mean they've always been my smallest part, but I'm on mi period and they are still unbelievably FLAT and SEXY. I mean my parents almost didn't believe me when i said i was on my period because i was not bloated at all. i have a mirror in mi room and i can see myself when i lie down on mi bed and i thought i looked like a flat stomached plus size model. i could see the main shape of mi ribs, going down to a concave stomach that had a little oblique definition. i could hardly believe it was me. I kno i didn't look like this last time i was at 235. maybe i grew a few inches because i look HOT. This is making me not want to stop. I don't want to feel unpretty anymore. i want this feeling, this unbelievable high that i am looking good. mi parents are calling me Skinny all the time now and i don't completely feel like they're patronizing me. I'm telling you guys as soon as i find mi camera and get batteries for it or just by a new one with a lithium battery i will post pics.
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Yum (I can't think about your name without thinking of this opera by Gilbert and Sullivan called THE MIKADO, where they have a character named Yum-Yum, lol): Thanks for all the encouragement, I really appreciate it.
Okay so I'm on the road to 235 by saturday!!
Scarlet <3

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  1. You can totally gain 5 pounds on your period, perfectly realistic. All water weight, I beleive.