Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weight loss and a new boy...

Okay so I'm back down to 236.5 and i think it will only go lower as long as i don't screw anything up, tho mi parent's anniversary is SUNDAY and they want to go somewhere to EAT. I've been good lately, yesterday i only had: 2 peaches, an orange, 1 1/2 bananas, and a rasberry green tea smoothie, oh and fruit and veggie juices. not bad and i lost 2 pounds. if i keep this up i could be below 235 by sunday. like 233 or 234. that would make me pretty happy.
now i kno what you guys are thinking: okay, weight loss, blah, blah, blah, get to the good stuff: who's the new boy?? The new boy is in my Political Science class and i just met him yesterday and he's adorable and a sweetheart and with this new lost-weight-and-still-losing confidence i've found i talked to him and found out he's a FRESHMAN. Freshman means 18, which means that he's only one and a half years older than me and i have a snowball's chance of getting asked to the fall dance(unless it's already passed??). we will call him EK as i am sure he will be making more apperances. JH is so screwed now. in one day i have found a cuter, sweeter, YOUNGER, replacement for him. i highly doubt EK will be as emotionally screwed up as JH. so YAY!!!
I am getting back in touch with mi friends now that everyone is back at school and not busy. I just found out that mi friend NM just took her PCATs (at mi uni campus no less!) and is awaiting her results, and mi other friend MK had to register late so he got crappy classes, and JB, has dropped off the face of the earth facebook-wise. JB was supposed to be going to this school up in michigan, but no one knows because JB is now apparently "unavailable". I will update you on that when i get the new info.
Mi other friend BK went to NEW YORK over the summer with her friends and now i'm all jealous because she gets to go to new york and i've never been and she so THIN. she's about mi height and weighs about 120, 110?? She's korean so if you've seen most asian girls you know what i'm talking about. and she has all these great clothes too!!!
so anyway hopefully next time i will be BELOW 235!! and have a new LW!!!
Scarlet <3

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