Monday, August 24, 2009

FOOD/WATER Weight!!!! ahhhhh!

Hey y'all,
so i hit 235 on sunday!!! I was so happy. and then i weighed myself at night and was 237.5, which i was okay with cuz it was going to go away. then i weighed myself later that night and the scale said: 239. hmmmm....I had bumped mi scale but not hard or anything. i woke up this morning and the scale said...238.5!!! WTFWTFWTFWTF!?! I know i didn't eat 12250cals OVER what mi body can burn. i don't even eat that in like maybe a week and a half, so i kno it must be water food weight but i can't stand it! I want 235 back, it's a beautiful number(for now) because the next step down is 229...I need to see losses to keep going...i don't want to have to starve(more than i am, kinda) and kill mi metabolism but this is the type of stuff that will drive me to do that. I'm serious, i feel FAT when i don't see losses. I'm doing better than normal ppl, but i don't want to be normal. from my last post hell, you can see I'm NOT NORMAL. okay, i kno, but losses will make me happy.
Okay, i started back at school today!! my entire campus is full of thinspo and i feel like a whale. a smaller whale from last semester but a whale. so i'm pushing on!!! I like my classes so far and i'm going to haul ass (so much to pull...tear) at the gym tomoro since it's free and everything. so hopefully next time i'll be lower than 235... hope you guys are doing great and losing weight!!!!
Scarlet <3

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  1. Ok, this was what I meant when I posted before about you being a wannarexic.
    You "don't want to have to starve," yet you claim to be anorexic.. Tbh, I think that you should just diet and excersize instead of starving yourself like this. Anorexia is not a game, and not a diet. You might want to get out before your too far in to this.
    By the way, I'm meaning this in the nicest way possible, I'm trying to help, not start a fight.