Saturday, August 8, 2009 I'm weighing in...

Hey Y'all,

So guess what, I bought a scale yesterday!!!! I got it for eight bucks at a salvation army resale store brand new in the wrapper and everything. it's a Taylor LED SuperBrite. It's highly accurate and i love it. I weighed in today at 242 lbs. Ya, you read it rite. 242. But I'm not upset. I mean it's not, OMG I'm so skinny (as if), but earlier this year around May I weighed in at 270lbs. yep so a 28lb loss isn't too shabby for a summer. Last night i weighed 244.5, but that was after a kinda big meal. BTW i went to about 1500 cals yesterday. not awful, but i did convice my parents that we need to keep our cheat days to only ONE day a week instead of three (we're all on diets). so I'm good.

I did some calculations (imma math head, engineering major, sorry) and found out that if i do 500cal max 6 days a week and a 1000cal max 1 day a week, i can be 135 by July if I do nothing but eat and sleep. that made me happy. also i calculated that by the time i go back to school (August 24, stupid college...) i will be below mi lowest recorded weight in mi teens, 235lbs. and by the end of the year i should be able to surpass mi lowest weight ever without going nuts, 185lbs, at age 11. ya so i've been fat mi whole life (technically since i was about 9), so sue me. I think this will all work out great as i will walk and do mi floor exercises to burn cals and mi school has a gym that i have membership to because i'm a student and we got it like that. so i get to use their tredmills.

I should also note mi life has been boring as of late. I'm cleaning mi room because it is a complete fuckfest and mi mom will kill me if i don't do it before school starts, she's been bugging me since MAY. so I'm making progress there. I'll be done by the end of the weekend. I also need to study mi orgo like hell if i have a snowballs chance of keeping mi 4.0GPA (not bragging, just being honest). Okay guys just wanted to let you know,seeya!
Scarlet <3
PS: Also realize i need camera soon. :)

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  1. You've lost a lot already....keep up the good work!