Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ha, My First Day to Day Post!

Hey Y'all,
yeah so i'm back blogging today. SophiaRuins, glad you liked the Audrey Thinspo, Ilove old hollywood, everyone had so much class and finesse. and they were so slim...I wish i lived back then. however i guess it was easier to be thin back then with out all the crap food...go see food inc for more enlightenment. I swear it made me become a vegetarian(with the exception of fish). I am just doing really well, I ate 580 cals yesterday and felt guilty about going over 500 so i biked like hell for 11mins and burned 82 cals. I mean I was thinking intially, "Well, I had all those non eaten calories from the day wouldn't affect mi weekly total if i dipped in a bit.." then there was a screaming voice in mi head that said: "OMG, NO YOU CANNOT DIP INTO THOSE CALORIES!!! THIS IS T-MOBILE, NOT CINGULAR, YOU DON'T GET 'ROLLOVER' CALORIES. YOU DIDN'T EAT THEM OH WELL THEY'RE GONE NOW AND ALL YOU'VE GOT ARE THE 500 CALS TODAY SO HOP YOUR ASS ON THAT STATIONARY AND PEDAL AWAY THE EXCESS 80CALS AT LEAST." So i listened to the screaming voice. I even laughed a little while riding the bike, my Ana is hilarous. I wish i had a scale....I need to know how much i weigh. I can't weight to get one. hahahaha. So I also can't wait to get my DTV converter box soon so i can waste time not thinking about food. i use movies rite now. it's okay, two hours fly by. I saw GIA last night and almost cried...she was so pretty and her life turned out so tragic. So in honor of Gia, some 80's model thinspo... All Gia of course...

It seems like she knew the entire track of her life...Sometimes it seems like the track to all of our lives(the poem)...
Scarlet <3

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