Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ma Skinner to Marge Simpson: "He'll kill you five times before you're dead"

Hey Y'all,
thanks for the comments I certainly hope five pounds will come off on Saturday. I will scream and jump up and down until i probably burn off another pound, lol. SO I weighed today and i am 238!!! Yay, only 3lbs away from GW1. However...I had a bit of a snag in my lovely weight loss. I went outside. Let me say this now: The WORLD IS THE DEVIL.SATAN IN THE FLESH, i swear. so my parents get this brilliant idea to eat our cheat day TODAY instead of friday like we normally do. we spent forever trying to find a restuarant in china town so we stopped by a BAKERY (wtf, i thought we swore off this bakery), to get a "little something to put in our mouths". Good lord i nearly had a massive coronary. But I got out of most things because i didn't want anything with lard and 95% of the bakery shit has lard. they have the ingredients on the tags. so i got like this angel-food sponge cake and a walnut and bean paste stick. then we got a WBPS to go. Ok...hmmm not liking this so far. i estimated that shit at 500cals. Idk how much really, but i'll overshoot rather than undershoot anyday.
After that we went to our fave restaurant and i got what i thought would be healthy: Garlic Shrimp. how bad could it be? Okay it was a dark but fairly thin gravy with veggies and SPICY!!! I was like "at least it's hot" burn off some extra cals. wound up eating rice with it but only ate 2/3 of the dish and basically gave the rest to my dad cuz he claimed he got jipped on his sauteed shrimp which looked ten times fucking more healthy than my shit, please excuse my french.
so i estimated that at 500cals (my magic number).
I was thinking to myself, i can deal with this, this is okay, but then my dad and i went to whole foods and i got carob raisins, so add another 400cals up my ass. then, yes THEN, we went BACK to china town and i got those little peanut bars i must've had fifty rants about mi dad eating in previous posts. Well I got one peanut bar. It has ten pieces and i was like: shit if i eat this i'll be wayyy over 1500 (my evil day cut off). Ana says "eat half and you'll only go a little over and because you walked a mile today you'll make it." oooh, that sounds great. then this evil little fat girl is all like: "Oh eat a little more than that, it's soooo good." I had made it down to the halfway point and somehow two more pieces dissapeared and i was suddenly chewing...shit. Ana rolls her eyes and the fat girl goads me to finish it since I'm "Almost there". Damn right i'm almost there but not to the end of the candy, to my first goal of 235 and i'm going to fuck it up for a piece of shit candy bar..REALLY??? then I sat there with it in mi hands and then daddy points out this trio of obese women walking down the street. "There go some more beautiful women" he said sarcastically. I couldn't pass those three pieces to him fast enough. I finally found mi trigger: DAD AND FAT WOMEN. He's my trash can, i can pawn off ALL food to him, and fat women remind me of how i used to be. so i'm a little over today but overall good control.
I had the thought of purging cross mi mind a million times today even though i've never done it. It crossed my mind so much that my body started purging itself. i started feeling stuff come up all by itself...weird.
So I plan on Juice/liquid fasting until and maybe through saturday.
I know this post is getting long so let me make this worth it for you:
Dairy is the devil:
I read in one of my many health nut books that the Casein in milk and milk products is what is used for wood paste. i kno alot of you drink milk or eat yogurt, but STOP. it's locking everything inside your intestines and no amount of laxies is going to break it (wood paste, strongest paste in the WORLD). so lay off and let it expel naturally and STAY THE FUCK AWAY as much as possible. Let me put it this way: last week i starved and ate 500 cals for six days and 1000 one day and should've lost 3lbs. i lost 1.5. I stopped eating yogurt (my diet staple) FOUR DAYS AGO and I have lost 2.5 lbs and am eating more than i was last week. So hell yeah it makes a difference. If you don't believe me, try it and see what happens. I'm pretty sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.
BTW, Yum if you want to research and post this on your blog, minus expletives (it's weird i never curse around anyone and yet i do it here), that's cool with me. I got it from the book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by Dr. NW Walker and it's in there. i thought i'd share that with you guys...So thanks for reading all this!
Scarlet <3

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  1. It's okay to cheat once in a while, because it can give your metabolism a boost, so don't feel too bad. You're doing great!