Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I kno i've blinked out lately, mostly because i was soooo dissapointed in myself and frustrated with mi body and the whole: Eat alot=gain, eat normal=gain, binge==GAIN, eat next to nothing=small losses. so yeah i was really pissed, i haven't quite figured out mi metabolism yet. anyway, I'm on a juice fast right now, i''m not the beat at it but i am trying. yesterday i think i had two grapes before i mental slapped myself. so i am doing well, down 1.5 pounds since yesterday, but i'm not gonna tell mi weight until i am quite satisfied, sometimes when i think i'm soing well is when i mess everything up, so i'm treating myself like crap on purpose. So i'm catching up on blogs so i'll catch y'all later!!
Scarlet <3

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  1. hey, 1.5 lbs is good. it shows you're making progress. keep it up hun
    i hope the juice fast is a success.
    much love