Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fast Day Three!!!

Hey Y'all,
so here i am at day three. i really didn't think i would make it this far, i was so sure that i was going to break but i haven't and won't! The scales have been oh so kind to me as of late. i am now 233.0lbs and going down. i have lost 2lbs a day! If this keeps up i can be 227 by saturday. I know also that i am not dehydrated as i am drinking water and juice all the time!!! so i really am getting thinner!!!! I might post progress pics at 220 or 210, or maybe even 200. we'll see. it depends on how i feel when i get to those numbers.
Yay!!! A new follower! Hi welcome to the blog!
Anyway, i feel kind of bad because i feel like i'm totally sabotaging my mom. as you guys know, she weighs 178, which is wayyyyy less than me, but i haven't told her i'm on a juice fast. in fact, she's stuffing her face with cookies and sesame bars. from mi calcs she downed about 2500 cals yesterday, so in time i may be able to catch up to her.
I was watching The Biggest Loser yesterday and it felt so good to see that all of those fatties weighed more than me, when last season that was not the case(sad i kno). I find it really thinsporational because it makes you not want to eat, want to work out, and feel like if you're losing drastic weight you're not doing something unhealthy (lol).
I've also made the decision that since this juice fast is so successful i'm going to fast M-F every week. I have school so i don't have time to think about other things during the week so i'll be able to get thin w/o the suffering. if i get down to 227 i will have lost 10lbs in a week. if i do that every week i can be what, eighty pounds lighter by mi b-day (in the beginnning of november)?? I'm taking into account the weekend rite now, i think one meal a day of veggies or a vegan treat (taco salad....mmmmm) as long as i stay away from rice and bread i should be fine. that way i might 1) lose more over the weekend, or 2) maintain. both of which are mi goals.
Yum, having a juicer is GREAT. it's supereasy and you can toss in just about anything. mi parents and i have the midgrade breville juicer. we got it for about $150 at macy's. look it up, it's AWESOME!!!
So how about a lil personal life?? I officially have a crush on the guy that sits next to me in mi orgo class. oh the plights of a young college student....maybe when i'm thin i'll have a shot seeing as he talks to me now.
ok thin mints, keep strong and starve on,
Scarlet <3

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