Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chinese Takeout

So idk what the hell was wrong with me yesterday, i ate a jerusalem steak, a taco salad, 3/4 of a cheesecake slice, a peanut butter cookie, a 24oz brisk ice tea, a large vegetable kow and the carton of rice that came with it. yeah. so no surprise that i was up to 239.5 this morning. five fucking pounds. ugh. so i thought i would fast today. but then mi parents wanted to go BACK to the chinese takeout. panic,panic,panic. then i decided not to get anything. but then my mom was all like: "are you sad, my is my baby sad? are you fasting???" I said no and that i just had to go across the street to get a juice from walgreens. i wound (is that right??)up with an apple juice and a 48count pack of walgreens knockoff exlax. oh yeah, i did it. i wound up eating some of mi dad's leftover shrimp hong sue sans shrimp (I am a vegan, all that yummy stuff i listed earlier were vegan versions) and then as soon as i got home i downed 8 laxies. I read on one blog that the girl went down five pounds after a bad binge. so if i do that, i will be back to mi low weight of 234.5. i am praying that will happen. praying, because i was close to a new goal weight.

This next week i am attempting to do something i've never done: I'm going to try a five day fast. i will go with water as long as possible, but at the very most only juice. the key is no food. I will try to get to 230 by the end of the week or lower. I need to see a number that starts with 22 instead of 23. so wish me luck thin mints, i'll need it.

Scarlet <3

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  1. Be careful of laxies, they can get addictive.

    And be careful of juice too. People think it's heathy, but it's often full of sugar.

    (I'm probably just making you more paranoid...sorry.)

    Some chinese stuff isn't too bad. Next time your parents get it, try choosing things like steamed veggie dishes, and stay away from rice and noodles (carbs have a ton of cals).

    Good luck! Stay strong!