Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catch and Release

Hey Y'all,
so yesterday i weighed in at 230. that was great and i was happy, but then i did something stupid: I went to a buffet with my family because i was seriously hungry. i had grapes that morning and by 5pm i was ravenous. I ate like a pig, and expected a high gain. this morning the grand total is three pounds. i was shocked. I could get three pounds off like by sleeping. a workout will knock off 1-1.5 lbs and i'm fasting today, which will knock off 1-2. i might even wake up under 230. I would have to laugh if that happened. just because it seems so strange.
So I am back to being good and getting thinner. I will be under 225 by friday. I'm praying for less.
My week has been hectic, too many quizzes, too much homework. Haha, that's college for you. so i'm thinking if i don't screw up anymore or anything, i can lose 4-7lbs a week and that means by mi b-day, in the first week of november, i can be between 200-180lbs. and by christmas, i can be between 176-138lbs. I know the lowest i can lose is a pound a day on mi fast days and 7 max. so that would be really great. this is the great push ppl. i must be skinny by the end of the year. Any Ideas???
It seems so unreal that this is all i had to do to be losing weight by the minute. all i had to do was resist. that was all, why the fuck didn't i do that all this time!!!!
Sorry about the rant so anyway, i mostly maintained and i'll be back to 230 or lower by sunday or monday.
I'm off to read blogs and also, be sure to comment you guys, i love knowing what you think!

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