Thursday, September 10, 2009

Houston, we have a problem...

I'm freaking out and i don't know why.
My body does this weird thing that when i lose a lot of weight(5.5lbs...this past week) it kind of has to balance itself by going up a pound, which is why yesterday i was 235.5, and after eating little (one meal really), i am down to 235. I didn't eat all day, literally this time. i had a green juice earlier before i left for school (mi first class is at 2PM), and then i was at school until 5pm and i bought like one of those small lifesaver size rolls of wild cherry hard candies cause i was dragging and i had to take a quiz in mi orgo class so i thought i'd boost mi sugar level. okay. dad and i get home then decide to go to Whole Foods (vegan heaven, vegan ana hell) and get something to eat. i wound up forgetting to get a meal and got a chocolate monster cookie (lol..) and some carob raisins. the cookie was kinda big, but watevs, it's vegan. and the carob raisins...well, we won't deal with that cause i kinda love 'em. anyway, i felt kinda of proud, just a roll of candy, a cookie, and some carob raisins for the whole day and by this time it's 7:30pm and i'm not going to eat anything else. but for some reason after the meal i went to the bathroom and it was empty, so i did jumping jacks for two minutes and then used the bathroom. i didn't understand it. i wasn't bad. the things that i ate would have normally been snacks with mi other bfast lunch and dinner. WTH is wrong with me!!!! I'm not gaining, i'm losing, and i'm not really eating, i'm eating one meal a day, so why am i acting all weird!! I'm going to work out later on cuz it's mi thing, but am i losing mi mind??? I'm starting to think i really am switching to the opposite end of the spectrum on mi eating habits. from COE to EDNOS, with a penchant for starving.
Idk, why am i boring you guys with this lame-o stuff. Anyway, i had a good day and i am moving on to the weekend!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Hopefully a super low weight tomorrow (one pound, please) and happy times!!!!
XOXO Think Thin and Be Thin,
Scarlet <3

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