Monday, September 14, 2009

Fast Day One

Okay so after a, let's say interesting night and morning, i woke up to 237lbs. i guess i can deal with that for now. I'm going to do aerobics as soon as i watch jeopardy!( I kno, I'm a neeeerd), so hopefully i can go down 1.5lbs of preserved salt/water weight from that shitty salty chinese food. Once i do that i can be 234.5 assuming i go down 1 pound over night after workout. then it's down hill.
I've been good, it's become a liquid/juice/gum fast. I have a question, i swallow my gum (sorry), it's a bad habit and can i still call it a fast?? I won't have any tommorrow though, for fear that i'm not being hardcore.
Thanks Yum for the advice about the laxies and how to avoid getting fat on chinese takeout and the juice. most of the time i juice my own stuff, just carrots and greens, though sometimes i'll drink some diluted grapefruit juice. you know, half and half, but everything else i drink straight. I probably won't be doing the whole 8 laxie thing anymore, that was painful, though it did get the job done. I'll stick with two only when absolutely needed. I really like not eating rather than eating and being glued to a toilet,lol.
So, best case senario i get down to 234.5 by tomorrow (too ambitious??) and then under 230 by friday. Please God let this work.
Think Thin Guys!!!
Scarlet <3

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  1. Ooh, I wish I owned a juicer. There's nothing quite like fresh orange-carrot. (And it's way better for you than bottled crap!)