Thursday, September 24, 2009

I was meant to be better...

Okay so for the past couple of days i tried to be normal. i tried to eat less and move more. I tried and i lost NOTHING. i can't take this. so i'm back to juice fasting, with only maybe raw veggies and fruit in between. That is all! i will bypass the weekend and not get fat. I will be thin. I WILL.

In other news i finished my orgo exam today! I felt really good about it so let's pray for a good score! Thanks for all the lovely comments and hello to new followers! i have LOTS of studying and HW to do this weekend so i won't be on much, but i will tell you guys results on monday. i'll try to read blogs when i can!
happy Weekend!
Scarlet <3


  1. I hope you got a good score!
    I got homework too this weekend.
    I'm on ABC starting now if you wanna join me

  2. Im fasting too, im gunna try and go till monday or tuesday. Because you were eating normally your metabolism should be a bit faster now, so you should lose twice as much as you usually would:).
    Have a good rest of the weekend and good luck with your fast.

    Lexy xx