Monday, September 21, 2009

Lose gain, no more cheating!!!

Hey Y'all,
Okay so i have been semi bulimic as of late, in the form of those lovely inventions called laxitives. I know i said i wasn't going to get addicted, but i did which is why i am stopping IMMEDIATELY. On friday i took some because of the buffet, on saturday i took some because i ate heavy food and i'm impatient, on sunday i didn't take any because i have school today, but the first thing i did when i woke up was pop some more. So this is going to stop. TODAY. I am doing a five day juice fast and then the weekend is a time to restrict, restrict, restrict!!! No more being a little bad and all this "oh but i'm at 230 i can eat a little something..." NOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't i gain and I laxitive and i still have a huge gain but i guess not as bad as it could be. the laxitives just started working so that should knock off 1.5lbs and if i continue the trend i had at the beginning of last week, i should be down an additional 2lbs tomorrow which would take me back down to 230 and then on to lower weights!!! my goal this week is 225 or less!! so let's pray that i get there!
Thanks for the sweet comments!
Scarlet <3

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  1. its good you you want to stop immediately sound motivated, & thats good.
    you can do it!
    i'll keep reading to see how you do.