Monday, September 28, 2009


"Down to the wire,
I wanted water but i'll walk through the fire,
if this is what it takes to take me even higher,
then i'll do like i do when the world keeps testing me, testing me, testing me..."
--John Mayer "Vultures"

Hey Y'all!
So, I know what you're thinking: What the heck is up with the song?'s the theme of mi new plan. a way to hold on to what you work so hard for. But first, let's look at mi weekend shall we?
sooo I was only able to juice fast on thursday. Meh, and i had to eat fri,sat, and sun! Looking at mi blog you know i have a history of gaining massive amounts of weight over the weekend and it has become something i routinely dread. However, this weekend was different. I actually LOST WEIGHT!! I lost half a pound from friday. so now i am 231. yay! It's amazing and i couldn't figure out why it happened until i read Lexy's comment. My Metabolism is freaking back!!!! I was silly starving myself all week and then eating normal on the weekend. of course i was going to gain! so this time it will be different. Now to THE PLAN!!!
You know how vultures never really kill anything, they just wait for it to die or eat the scraps of some other animals' kill? That's how i'm going to be, like a vulture. You eat your safe foods most of the time, but if you must go to a restaurant, order the lightest thing and taste other ppls stuff if you feel the need. no one is going to let you binge on their food as humans are habitually stingy. at least mi parents are and i really don't eat from anyone else. Here's an example: on Saturday, mi fam and i went to a chinese restuarant. I got a large wonton soup and two spring rolls and some spicy (seriously!) cabbage. but then i shared the soup, and was able to give like 3/5 of it away, and i drenched the spring rolls in HOT mustard with only a little sweet n sour sauce and ate my cabbage. not much right? Mi food was GONE by the time mi parents Govenor's shrimp and sweet and sour shrimp came along. i looked like an idiot sitting there w/ no food. so i nabbed some rice and some of their leftover sauce and like one shrimp from each dish and some stray veggies and ate that. i didn't even finish all the rice as i felt i had gotten too much. and that was pretty much it for the whole day. that sounds Great to me for a night out at a restuarant. That's all you gotta do girls: Don't STOP eating completely, cause your metabolism will throw a shit fit, but make it burn what you do eat (safe foods) and vulturerize yourself when you can't stick with only safe foods and don't want ppl to ask questions. You want pizza? go narc a bite of someone else's but do not allow yourself to buy one or have a slice of your own. it's that simple.
The song at the top not only helped to introduce mi plan, but i am down to the wire. i need to lose 32 lbs in five weeks. my b-day is november 7 and i want to be under 200 by that time. that means i need to lose 7 lbs a week. i think i can do that? I need you guys' help tho. I need safe foods. so far i have apples, lettuce, my roasted seaweed packs (only 40 cals! and they boost metabolism!), pretty much all veggies, but what else? help please!
I also just got mi hair done (straightened, it looks so pretty!!) so i cannot really work out except something that won't make me sweat like a leisure ride on my stationary bike but not enough to sweat and maybe for a long duration? which eggs me on to stick with mi diet. it's like "ooh that looks good...but how would i shift the weight i would gain from it w/o excercise? oh well, can't eat it, i guess" it's funny how mi mind works sometimes.
I don't know my exam grade yet (boo!) and hopefull i will know tomorrow, which means you guys would know on weds. but i will def. know on thursday and tell you guys.
Thanks for all the sweet comments on mi last post and tell me what you think of the new plan!
Scarlet <3

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  1. I totally get what you mean about weekends! I binge every single weekend without fail, and because ive usually been fasting or restricting loads all week. I gain loads! This weekend i gained 5lbs(n), i cant get back into fasting now i just keep bingeing:(
    But i love your plan, and im definatly going to give it a go!
    Hope you have a good week

    Lexy xx