Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fast, fast, fast!!!!

Okay so i found out yesterday in the middle of my fast that my aunt is coming into town for her birthday and the day after her birthday my fam and i are going out to lunch with her guessed it, the dreaded buffet. so i decided to eat yesterday and basically get rid of all of "my" edible food out of the house. I didn't gain anything, though i did miss eating an apple that i have yesterday, but i'll just eat it saturday morning to get my metabolism moving before the buffet.
And yes, i have a plan for the buffet, because i can't live without a plan. so the plan is the fast that i'm on, then go to buffet and eat absolutely no starches (ok, probably some dessert) but mostly any veggie (oh god they're all in oil, but it's probably my best choice, or a stirfry!!! just got the stirfry idea while typing, you would laugh if you could see my face of enlightenment, lol), and nothing fried. only regular fish. i can get two plates of food, but i will milk those and try to leave a 1/4 of each on my plate (they take them away!!!). the stirfry will take a while to cook so no one will focus on my food. my parents don't care if i don't eat that much since my aunt is paying (long story, but basically she's owed us a meal for like three years and has avoided us as far as going out because of it), and she's like SUPER FAT (all in love and honesty) and will probably be too busy stuffing her face to pay attention to me. the only wild card is if she brings my cousins (one is my age and the other is ten). my younger cousin ADORES me. like seriously, sometimes i wonder if he has a crush on me. but anyway, he's a sweetheart and he would notice if i didn't eat food, so if he's there i will have to probably finish my plates, or MAYBE i can pawn them off to him??? idk, that sounds mean. he just had hip surgery (his bone was portruding) and he's just my favorite cousin. i wish i could adopt him, he's that sweet.
we shall see. Also, i got my polisci term paper back, 98%!!!!!!! YES! and i got my orgo exam back, 94%!!!!! YES!!!! i didn't think i'd done all that well on the orgo but i did!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!! i hope my squeals didn't hurt your eyes, lol. so i think i'm going to friend the guy that i have a crush on in  my orgo class on facebook. he's going to ireland next semester, but he'll be back in the fall, and chances are we'll be in the same physical chem II course. i want to be skinny by the time he sees me again. so keeping in touch is the best thing to do. :)
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Nikki: Well, my parents ARE on a lose weight/ health kick, BUT, they like eating stuff they deem healthy. idk if it really is or not, but sometimes i won't let it cross my lips. and then i can't say oh buy me all this stuff that i can eat and don't touch it. it doesn't work that way. also i may try to get my dad to buy some apples in bulk (like a big case of 60). i know he'll do that, but as far as a variety of fruits, we like to shop at Whole Foods, which we have affectionately nicknamed "Whole Pocket". so it's not that we don't want to buy it, it's just that one apple is like three dollars. we'd go to regular stores to get our fruit but we're always paranoid about pesticides, steroids, and also the fact that stores wax fruit so it'll look shiny and you'll want to buy it. so, i'll figure something out.

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  1. If they have any sushi there fill up on that and fish/ cold stuff first. Usually the cold stuff has less calories.

    This post made me miss my cousin lol

    I hope everything goes well, stay strong!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3