Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Restricted Access

Hey guys!
Yes I know, too many hiatuses. Idk, I used to blog all the time but I got sick of it being a rollercoaster. However, I have become master of my domain. I'm 225.5 today after gaining a shitload of water weight for no good reason. I'm guessing aunt flo is coming to town soon, but hasn't shown up yet, and it is driving me CRAZY!!!(Sorry if that's tmi you guys).
In other news my scale is completely wonky. I was on it like four days ago and I jilted it the wrong way and it cracked. Nothing visible (I checked) so I thought it was fine, but ever since then it has been giving me horrible readings. I weighed 230 with clothes but I'm 231.5 without?? (That was last nite) so this morning 225.5 came up 2 out of 4 times so I decided to count my blessings and take it.
I am out to buy a new scale, so if you guys know of any good ones from chain stores let me know. I was thinking about the weight watchers body fat scale or the health o meter body fat scale. I have read good reviews about accuracy about those so let me know. I am hoping that my scale is highly inaccurate and I weigh something much much less! *crosses fingers* oh another thing is that I can't spend that much cash so let's keep it under $50 please?
I am kinda bored over here. All of my friends are gone and my mom has been working lately so the fam hasn't been completely toghether. Also, my brother, his wife, and their four kids (yes FOUR) are estranged. I have never met my bro's wife or their kids. Our whole relationship has been restricted to phone calls. Sad, I know.
I was supposed to be fasting today with sorry_i_can't_be_perfect, but I get dangerous when I fast and there is nothing but once a year type food lying around. So it's easier for me to restrict as I have finally realized it's not only about eating less, but also what you eat. I've had a pecan and feta salad and a couple of ladyfinger like cookies. I am pretty happy, the salad wasn't big and it took forever to eat. So I am saited. I think I'll restrict until after christmas and then do a six day fast to be clean and pink inside for the new year and then decide what to do from there. I want to be 180 for January 11, when my semester starts, which I doubt will happen, but I wanna get as close as possible. At least under 200. We'll see.
Okay, no more hiatuses and hello to new followers!
Scarlet <3


  1. I'm fasting today and tomorrow until Christmas Day, then on the 27th I'm fasting again until Jan 2nd.

  2. aww its okay darling, it sounds like you're doing pretty good with the restricting. i'm the worst at that, i either binge! or fast! never in the middle.
    love you lots. and i'm so positive that you will get to 180 very soon.. before you know it babes.
    stay strong. XX jen.