Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hello skinny people!
So, my crazy cheapskate aunt cancelled at 9:30am, only two and a half hours before my doom. Ooh, this sounds a bit like that vincent price part of thriller. The funk of forty thousand pounds... Are closing in to seal your doom. I think I'm going to find the real lyrics and then edit them, lol.
The only bad thing is that I don't get see my younger cousin, but thinking back she probably wasn't going to bring him anyway, seeing that he just had surgery. So, good times.
Scary though, my dad STILL wanted to go to the buffet even without my aunt. Thank God my mom teamed with me. I mean we're still probably going to go to a restaurant, but I have more control, it's not going to be a buffet.
I'm 227.5 today, the weight is falling so more late night eating. If I make it past 7:30 at night without letting a morsel pass my lips I am just going to stick it out and fast.
Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind as I am SURE that somebody will pop-up and the buffet will scare me again. I'm glad that I had you thinking of your cousin, I hope you get to see them soon!
Okay guys, I am off to field the outside world!
Scarlet <3

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