Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hey guys! I know I said I would update in the morning and now it is like 2am on the next day!!!! Gaaah, so very bad for my blogging! Anyway, I was (surprisingly) 224.5 today, but I changed my mind about my scale, I'm still getting a new one. This one acts like it's PMSing 24/7. So I restricted today kind of. I didn't refuse any food but there is nothing in my house all that fat inducing. I had some eggs this afternoon (I don't wake up early during vacay- it's just a fact) and then I had dinner at like seven or eight pm. That was dim sum buns with curried seafood. It was delish and I didn't feel guilty afterwards because I knew that at midnight funtime would be over and the new plan would begin!
I call my plan hopscotch. It's similar to my previous checkerboard plan but smarter. On the checkerboard I might have binged on the days that I had to eat and never lose any weight. Yeah I may have lost two pounds on the fast, but I was almost guaranteed to put them on the next day. In this plan, I fast for two days, eat one day and so on. I'll lose 5-7 pounds during the fasting and gain back maybe one or two (you never know). So let's see, about 6-10 pounds a week. That sounds soooo good. And doable. I'm starting tomorrow so let's see how it goes!
Scarlet <3

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