Monday, December 14, 2009

Hi, Hi, Hiatus!!

Hey y'all!
so i know that i have been MIA for a while, but i'm back with great news! For one, i have a new low weight of 220.5, which i reached yesterday, but i had a lot of coffee on saturday, so i may have been dehydrated. so yesterday i drank lots of water and such and i bounced up to 222. so i have officially lost 20 lbs since i bought my scale in august!!!!! WOOT! I'm on an epic restriction phase rite now so i'm only going to go lower. I liquid fast (mostly) during the day and then have some soup at nite (all pureed soups, so kinda liquid). so who knows, i may be 219 tomorrow or something!
In other news, my semester is OVER!!!! Yea!!!! two of my final grades are in and they are As so i am still waiting on the other two. so i am very happy and relaxed and losing weight. i think i wasn't able to lose weight quickly during the semester because i was so stressed out. so now i plan to aim to  be under 200 for christmas. i think if i really try, i can get very very close.
Okay guys, Be Skinny!
Scarlet <3

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