Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unwanted Visitors

So the monthly unwanted visitor came in town today so I have stopped weighing myself. Hopefull I can drop ten pounds and be pleasantly surprised when I weigh again. Maybe I'll have my new scale.
Anyway, I am fasting today (liquids only, low cal as possible). It's harder, idk why, I think I need to start to prepare in the morning because I wake up and the first thought is that it's just another day, and then I rememeber it's a fasting day. I think the first days are the hardest to make it through, especially when I still have to cook for other people. Go figure, no one seems to be able to cook in this house.
So I am doing well, no cheating! Only one snag in my plan though, my friend's bday is on friday so after this fast is over I'm going to have to eat two days instead of just one. Oh well, I'm pretty good at restriction.
Now to answer a question I got about the Hopscotch plan:
How the hopscotch works is that you follow a continual pattern of liquid fasting two days and then restricting one day, over and over again. I figured that long-term fasts are set ups for binging, so short fasts with a small break inbetween should work out well. You count cals always and try to stay pretty low during the fasting, around maybe 800 cals tops. You should lose about two pounds a day when fasting, and you fast 5 days a week, so ten pounds a week. Assuming maybe 3-4 pound rebounds from the food days (this is a high estimate. You may maintain or even lose during the food days. I don't know how other's metabolisms work so I picked a high number), so you will lose AT LEAST six pounds a week and probably a max of twelve or something like that. I hope this helped to clairify everything.
Okay, off to keep fasting!

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