Sunday, December 27, 2009

On To The New Year

Hey guys!
Hope your Christmases went well and thank you all for your well wishes! I am happy to report three things:
1) I finally got my scale to work!
Yep, I moved it into my bathroom because according to the scale, my bedroom floor wasn't level. So now I get the same number three times in a row (though I do weigh myself backwards because I can never quite stand still, lol).
2) Post Christmas I am 230 lbs. I know what you're thinking: this isn't great news, this awful, you're up 9.5lbs from your low weight! That is true, but, BUT, this means that I am now going to be able to bounce back down quickly and also that over the course of thanksgiving AND christmas, I managed to maintain a 40 lbs loss. I know I'm always griping about how overweight I am and such, but when it comes down to it, I used to be much heavier. 270 lbs. As long as I stay low and maintain most of my losses, I am happy. Besides, gaining 9.5 is a drop in the bucket compared to losing 40.
3) I fasted today :)))
Honestly, I actually fasted today. I had 270 cals in coffee and then only water. I am soooo proud. This is the first time I've ever made it through a fast w/o a c&s or a couple of spoonfuls of SOMETHING. But not today my loves, I made my dad a delicious bfast, and watched him and my mom eat lunch and dinner. My trick? I realized that I never like being left out of things. I'm highly competitive and I don't like seeing others get things that I don't. So food was just another one of those things. I had my parents set aside my last piece of carrot cake and my shrimp buns and my piece of quiche. I said I can eat it on new year's day if I want. Who knows, the quiche might spoil, the cake might get hard in the fridge and maybe I won't wind up eating it, but knowing IT'S MINE and no one will touch it and I'm not missing out on anything puts me at ease. So day one of my six day fast is complete and successful. Let's pray tomorrow goes just as well. Wish me luck!
Scarlet <3


  1. wohooooo i'm so happy for you, like eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! i could scream, we're making progress together.
    welldone on completing the fast.
    i'm always here for you babes!!!
    GodBless! xx jen.

  2. WOW!!!!
    You are totally right losing 40 pounds is amazing. I've only lost 20 pounds and it's taken me the longest time.
    Congratulations on the fast! You should be so proud!

  3. Great job scarlet! you are so amazing!