Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Am I Living It Right?

I think so. I got my first "Help the eating disordered girl see the error of her ways" comment yesterday on  my "Happy Birthday" posting. I just want to let the commenter know in case they are reading this: I have nothing but love for you and I hope you continue your quest to help.
Here's the comment:
♥nervosa♥ said...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Woop-woop! lol.

Is that $20 your birthday money? cuz if so you should spend it on something nice for yourself! like a new dress :)

well, this is my new blog-
it's my way of spreading the idea of using creative therapies to treat eating disorders.
If you check it out- thank you! and if you like it- follow it!
November 10, 2009 3:11 PM
I almost laughed when I read it because ya, it's a little crazy to go buy laxies with birthday money and y didn't I buy something nice? And then I remembered I'm too fat to buy something nice. I'll buy new cloths when the ones that I have look ridiculously big on me.
I have a bit of a crisis. On saturday I am going to see my cousins and mi aunt, which is great, but at a BUFFET. Arrrrggggh!!!! So I have to lose at least five pounds to be sure that I won't get an unfixable gain. The only way to do this is coffee, starving and laxies. BTW mina, when I get some cash I'll buy the zero cal instant coffee crystals. Can't take sugarfree stuff, equal and things like it make you lose your memory!
Scarlet <3

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