Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to Basics

Hey Guys!
So my bday went well. I guess i shouldn't say well because i had a huge gain, but well because i had fun. Anyway, in other news i got my laxies. a 90 pack. will i abuse them? Probably. ever since i ran outta laxies it's been hard to keep my weight under control so i am going with what works. these should last me at least 2 months. if they don't i know i have a serious problem and most likely need help.
I got my psych exam back and i got a 92.5 on it so i am very, very happy. gotta chemical engineering exam to take weds, but i have a good feeling about it.
All i've had today so far is a cup of carrot juice and some coffee. oh, i forgot to mention i bought ready made packs of coffee. only 85 cal each and i'm limiting myself to 2 per day. i want the caffeine affects, not the cals. it's pretty strong too. so i am going to keep going without a plan and see what happens. also i was reading an old Shape magazine and it said that when you talk about what you want to do like a fast or something proclaiming how much you're going to do it you're more likely to fail. interesting. so i won't be telling you guys about my plans until i do them. :)
Okay, off to be skinny!
Scarlet <3

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  1. Hey,
    Most black coffees can be only about 0 calories
    Try to get on that!
    Also try Green or Oolong tea for metabolism boost via Catechin Ginger and Cinnemon supplement pills and sugar free gum will curb your hunger. Love your diet sodas girlie 'cuz those are 0 calories and make you feel FULL really quickly because it makes you feel bloated.