Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanks So Very Much....

Hey Y'all!!!!
So i am back down, and i am sitting pretty at 224.5. I am positively euphoric because i am so close to a new low weight and it's only tuesday, which means i won't be able to fuck it up before i get there!!! Precisely the reason why i (attempted) to start my fast on saturday because the screw ups wouldn't be hard to fix. so i am doing well and still starving. i ran outta apple juice today, so this mite turn into a water fast after all. we'll see if my dad will spring for some more juice. we'll see.

I had my polisci presentation today and i smoked it. i had stage presence and affability, i was in control and knowledgable about mi country (i picked japan). it was an amazing feeling.
so i am going to go and work some more and study for mi psych exam that's tomorrow. i can't wait until this semester is over so i can move without having to think about the gazillion things ii have to do!!!
Scarlet <3

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