Monday, November 16, 2009

Buy Your Tickets To The Gun Show...

Because i've got some muscles!
Hey Y'all,
the buffet went surprisingly well, i had fun. I was 227.5 on saturday, the day i went to the buffet, 229.5 on sunday, and back to 227.5 again today. it's amazing, last time i went to the buffet i gained 4.5pounds even after laxitives, and i couldn't get rid of it for at least a week. this time i only gained two and got rid of it in a DAY!!! OMG!! Apparently the strength training is working. so i lost 5 pounds this week and i am off to lose five more if i can, which will take me to a new low weight. if i keep this up i could be at 217.5 by thanksgiving. and if i watch my step, under 200 by christmas! Oh i am so excited!!!! I am off to work and such, got a term paper to write!
Scarlet <3


  1. woo-hoo :)
    you are doing so good.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your Christmas goal!!

  2. thanks for leaving the awesome comment. Im so excited i found your blog. I was in your exact same shoes when i was 18 I was 5'6 and 220. Good for you for wanting to drop the weight :). Hope you reach your goal before christmas. Finally being under 200 is the best feeling in the world! Keep up the great work :). You can do it, im the laziest person in the world so you at least have a chance :).