Monday, November 30, 2009

You Can Have It All...

Anything you want you can make it yours, anything you want in the world, anything you want in the world...
Give It Up To Me by Shakira

Honestly, she couldn't be more right. I'm back from my short hiatus, I wanted to say I really did something before I came back.
My thanksgiving was a tad unpleasant. I ate a lot, but that was expected. No, what went wrong was when I was about to go to sleep, I felt hella guilty and chugged 24 oz of straight black coffee, popped some laxies (god the stash is dwindling) and went to bed. I have to pee about two hours later so I get up and go to the bathroom. I feel queasy. Wind up topping off my night by tossing my thanksgiving dinner in the toilet in a most unconventional way. I don't think I'll EVER contemplate purging again. I swear the thought won't dare to cross my mind.
The overall damage for thanksgiving was 4.5lbs, putting me at a scary 234.5 so I liquid fasted on saturday and sunday and today. I was 229 this morning. I can't fast tomorrow, I'm at school too late, so I am starting a new plan!! And don't we all love new plans!
The one day one can diet:
Bfast: half of a can of whatever you like(I'm doing fruit)
Lunch: ummm coffee or something? Juice?
Dinner: other half of the can
So it's a liquid fast with a TINY bit of wiggle room so not to go crazy. Then on saturdays and sundays I'm going to attempt water fasts that will most likely turn into liquid fasts which is fine by me. since studying how my body reacts to certain amounts of food, I should lose at least a pound a day m-f, and about two pounds a day on sat and sun. That's at MINIMUM nine pounds a week. I'll probably be around eleven. I can be 195 by christmas if I act nice. Possibly 180 by the time I go back to uni on january 12.
Oh yeah, it's go time.
Scarlet <3

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  1. that plan sounds very achievable babe.
    & thanx for that very warm wellcome, i really feel like i belong somewhere. yes, i'm tryna get back on track, i will find something i enjoy. hopefully that will help me stop comfort eating
    thanks agen babes! xxxx
    &my email is
    email me, we could tottally do fasts together. support from friends is always the best!