Thursday, November 19, 2009

When I'm Smiling, I'm Alive

Hey guys,
so yesterday i had the strangest binge ever: Kidney Beans. I kid you not. I was making dinner for me and my dad so i cracked open a can of beans to cook. Goya  Kidney Beans to be exact. so anyway, i opened it and i tasted a few. then more, and more, until suddenly the whole can was gone. i mean GONE! 630 cals, that dissapeared through my fingers. yowza. then i ate dinner, and went to go pick up my mom, etc, etc. no more food for the night. oh btw, i took some laxies at 7pm and when i woke up this morning the same weight stared up at me: 227.5 i have to admit i am a little happy that i didn't gain. i ate light today, almost a 24 hour fast, about 21hrs. i ate at 4:30pm. i ate two oranges and a 126cals "wife cake" i gave away the other one. then i went to whole foods and had a light dinner. i feel good. hope i get to 226 tomorrow. please, please! i've been doing well lately, and now i am almost at finals week and after that i can relax and starve as much as i want. sleep all day from famine and no one will care. well, they will, but i just won't be around.
well, i will update you guys tomorrow and hello to new followers, welcome to the blog, and feel free to share suggestions or ideas!!!
Scarlet <3


  1. Oo kidney beans are the best. Better you binge on those than Cheetos or something. All of that fiber will go right through you. They're like natures laxatives lol


  2. better than my binge I'm suffering right now.....