Monday, November 2, 2009

Impossible? I'Mposssible!

Hey guys,
so my plan didn't go, well, as planned. My mom countinued her b-day celebration through saturday and sunday. i took a ton on punishment.
Mom went to tasty thai restaurant and had basil seafood and my dad had sweet and sour shrimp while I sipped on a smoothie. Then they proceeded to eat custard and coconut icecream in my face. Lovely.
Fam goes to whole foods where they eat basil feta cheese pizza in front of me while I sip an odwalla protien monster. Then my dad is eating chocolate covered malt balls on top of everything.
Later on my mom makes her version of massamun curry cucumber with rice. Damn it. I LOVE massamun curry. It's what I imagine sex would be like if I ever have it. So I caved and ate some, felt like shit and proceeded to eat three snack cake esque things, like seven small cookies, and about 4 oz of coconut ice cream. Oh I wanted to purge. I even went to the bathroom, but I just sat on top of the toliet and tried to calm myself down while my body traitorously had some of the food start to come up, but I forced it back down. I thankfully only gained a pound so I still have a net loss since starting this fast of one pound.
Sophia, I tried to do the water fast thing but my mom was on me like white on rice to drink juice no matter how much I try to avoid her. Can't have the parents make me just "diet and exercise". Gag.
I did go see This Is It yesterday and it was amazing. I HIGHLY reccomend it.
Okay so I am back to fasting again, no cheating this time! Gotta be 219!!! That's my new goal for mi bday. Though I am sure I will proceed to fuck it up on my bday, I don't care. One day won't make a diff in the grand scale as I go rite back to fasting the day after the bday.
Get thin!
Scarlet <3

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