Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day one of the checkerboard fast!!!

Hey y'all,
So on the advice of SophiaRuins I am altering my fast. It will be a checkerboard of juice fast one day and then water fast the next. This is good because I will lose even more weight and that is always good. So today I woke up 228.5 so I went down a half a pound from yesterday, so maybe I can be 226 tomorrow (fingers crossed). I haven't had any juice today yet, I will probably wait until my fam and I go grocery shopping. I am going to get the Odwalla Protein Monster drink. 33g of protein!!!! That'll keep my muscle but burn mi fat. Good stuff. So I think I'll go drink some water to get rid of the rest of this water weight and keep getting skinnier! I have another motivation too: my most evil cousin is coming up from texas sometime in november, and I have no idea if I will have to see her, and even if I don't I will deff have to see her for christmas holiday season. In a word, she's a bitch and hates me because I'm prettier and smarter than her even though I'm much fatter. So I am also out to take wind out of her "well at least I'm skinnier than her" sails. So tag that on to the reasons to be skinny wagon. Okay, bye!!!!

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