Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three pounds!!!!

Hey Guys!!!!!
So my weight had been high yesterday, a sickening 233.5! So I cut back on food and made some rules. no food after 7pm period. no exceptions. I eat bfast, lunch, and dinner at set times in the day. 9-10 am, 2-3pm, and 6-7pm. If i must i can shift bfast and lunch hours around but not too much. if i am out and have to eat i  ride out the hour. like if the food comes at 7:30pm  can eat until 8pm. but only if i have to.
here is the cal intake of yesterday:
1 apple: 130cals
1 boiled egg: 70cals
1 lipton green tea: 200 cals
coffee: 200 cals
4 lemon wafers: 180cals
1 apple: 130cals
Total: 910cals
and this morning i was 230.5!!!!!!!! Woot! that makes it 3 pounds in 1 day! that's a record for me!
SO i am fasting today! Juice fasting. i have had carrot and carrot beet juice and i will have dinner at 6pm. so i am off to study for my orgo exam that i have tomorrow!!! Wish me luck!
Scarlet <3
Stay Skinny, Be Free!

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