Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cute Is What We Aim For!

Hey Y'all!
Yes I know the title is the name of a band but i have never actually heard their songs, but i LOVE their name. LOL. So, I am doing well today, i didn't eat until about 5:30/6pm and i ate some garlic sesame sticks, and this sugar-free lemon bar. it was not like butter-free or anything but i wanted a controlled treat, so there will be no BINGING!!!! I am coming into about $200 tomorrow (fingers crossed!) so I will not be really being tracked on how much cash i have and walgreens has a sale on all hershey's bars only 29cents each, so we don't want ANY of that!! So, I headed it off at the pass so to speak. I am going to be good tomorrow since the fam and i are going right back to the thai restuarant that made me gain 3.5lbs. but this time, i will only order the cucumber salad and maybe have a crab ragoon. maybe. it depends on how i feel, but at least i have the entree figured out it is easier. Also, we are buying our own meals and there is no way in hell i am going to buy crab ragoon on my cash!
 I went buy my orgo profs office and he looked at mi exam and gave me three more points! Which brings my score back up to 91!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT! Also in other orgo news, i have had more contact with my crush who i will call The Irish Boy, or IB. He has the most Irish name i have ever heard! He's blond and oh so cute!!! He was talking to me today and smiling and all the good stuff i love to enjoy!

BarelyAliveAna, thanks for following! It's nice to have you here!
MinaBelle! You can have good grades! Instead of taking so much time focusing on NOT EATING just waste your time with studying! By the time i get halfway through one of my classes homework, two hours can easily go by. Just toss your excess time into school work and you'll get great grades! Also ppl won't pay attention to you as much if you're getting good grades. any weird behavior your parents will let pass because whatever u'r doing u'r getting good grades and giving them bragging rights! hope this helps!

I can't wait until the monday after next when i get to weigh in and i can't wait to buy the smooth move tea. hoping to be 220 or less by the time i weigh in! Ok guys I'll talk to you later! Don't forget to comment, don't forget to blog!
Scarlet <3

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  1. It's definately a lot easier if you distract yourself...sitting there thinking about being hungry always leads me to failure.