Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier...

Hey Y'all!
I just realized something, no offense to any southerners out there but i just realized that the way i head my posts sounds just like i come from texas or something. LOL. I am from a big city in the midwest. I'd tell you more, but my life is highly recognizable so i can't. Anyway, GRADES!!!! I got my orgo test back and i got an 88! But I am going to hound my prof tomorrow and try to get it past 90(i am obsessed with my grades). and my psych exam was an 85. I am not happy with the 85 but see no way to change it. i kind of suck at psychology. I almost got a B last semester in it. But i just have to study more, the exam popped up at a BAD time. too many other wayyy more important classes got in the way!
On to my weight! well...the truth is i have no idea. i haven't weighed since monday. I can't take the ups and downs. I'm trying to abstain for 2 weeks. However, i have been eating very, very light! And drinking TONS of water. Today so far i've had some grapes and a Luna bar(those things are AMAZING, only 180cals!) I drank water with that so now i feel full. I am starting something a tad crazy now. I am going to switch to taking laxitives all the time. not the pills because i know the danger of those (though i have already used 3/4 of my box. oops). so i am going to try the Smooth Move tea. i have read on other blogs that it tastes amazing and works really well. i am going to look for more reviews on it, but if you guys have tried it can you let me know?
Also...I still have a major crush on the guy that sits next to me in orgo, BUT. idk if he only talks to me in class (a pet peeve of mine) or if he just idk, doesn't notice me outside of class. I saw him today on my way to another class. and he smiled in my direction. so i waved like a dork but he didn't wave back! am i overreacting!!!! I mean is a smile just another way of saying hello?? SHOULD I CHILL AND RELAX?!? I am way too insecure and have had guys hurt me many, many times so i am a little jumpy. help me out!
BTW, I feel lonely without you guys' comments, so hit me up!

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  1. I wish my grades were that good. I'm failing everything :(