Friday, October 30, 2009

I used to be love drunk, but now i'm hungover....

Okay, Okay,
My body hates me. irrevocably, absolutely, HATES me. I haven't been eating much and flo goes away officially tomorrow, but i am still 229. 229, WHY!!!!!! I need this to go away, i feel like i'm battling the same weight over and over again. this is deja vu too because i believe i said the same thing when i was bouncing around like a fucking yo-yo in the 230s. i want to go down to a different  set of 200s without bouncing around. it's irritating and agitating and just INFURIATING!!!! My body clings to water weight like it's going to die or something, so i am starting something new. my birthday is next fucking week and i need to be thin. two weeks after that my cousin is coming to down from LA. (she's even been on a few TV shows and commercials!!!) she hasn't seen me in forever and i don't want to dissapoint. at this same meeting i am going to see my aunt and other cousin, and i haven't seen them in forever even though we don't live far.
So the new, new plan (i think i've said this a million times! LOL):
Juice fast starting tomorrow all the way up to my birthday (saturday) then take a break for my b-day where i will have limited cake (maybe just a brownie or just  a cupcake) and go eat a meal. then right back to juice fasting up to when i see my cousin. so about three weeks of juice fast. let's say i lose a pound a day, that'll be 21pounds. count about six pounds in gain ( not likely but idk, just playing it safe), so that'll be at least 15 pound guaranteed. that will take me down to 214 going from this mornings weight (hopefully i can keep the whole 21 and go to 208). then i'll decide whether or not to continue until christmas. maybe i can get down to 180 by christmas!!!! too optimistic??? idk, tell me what you guys think!!!
Scarlet <3
also any ideas you guys have on getting rid of the water weight (i'm pondering the diuretic), i appreciate and would love to hear! thnks for reading!

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  1. I think its deff do-able.

    i suggest doing a fast that is a water fast and a juice fast.

    like juice fast one day, water fast the next.

    If you drink too much juice during the fast, you might not lose any weight since you could be getting your caloric needs from the drinks.

    water fasts are hard, but they're deff worth it.

    Stay strong hun!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3