Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Eat The Apple, Snow White!

Hey Y'all,
so after the pad thai debacle i am at 224. not bad at all! also it could've been worse. my mom works overnight (4p-12a) and so sometimes my dad and i drive her. we always drive her tues and thurs because i have classes, but sometimes it's a nice day and we can't take being in the house and drive her. yesterday was one of those days. when we picked her up she was (of course) hungry. at like midnight. i nearly went into conniptions.  we went to a dominicks and bought: Chocolate covered gourmet caramel apples with nuts. oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, so many calories. I couldn't not get one, but i made myself promise that no "food" would cross my lips until the morning. so i had a ginger beer and watched my mom scarf down the apple with all the seductive chocolate smells making me go dizzy with want. but i resisted. i just read the back of the package: 760cals for the apple and i got damn sober. so this morning i had a pomegranate for bfast and couldn't resist the apple anymore and ate half of it by 1:30pm. not bad. i'm going to have the other half at five when mi dad picks me up, i left it in the car. on purpose though. so i am losing weight and doing well.
in other news, i just got an A for midterms out of my orgo prof. YAY!!!!!!! now if all my profs do that i will be in business!
i'm also working on a paper in mi psych class: pick a public or historical figure you think had a mental disorder and prove it in 4-5  pages double spaced.
I picked kurt cobain and nabbed him with bipolar. he had tons of times he was majorly depressed (he commited suicide) and he had times when he'd go manic and decide he needed change and what he was doing wasn't getting it (before said suicide he wanted to break up with Nirvana and do a record with the lead of R.E.M.). so yeah, just gotta go by DSM-IV spects and i should do well.
okay girls, go get thin!
Scarlet <3

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