Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old Ideas Are New Again

Hey Y'all,
so i was reading past entries (i'm talking WAY back) and i ran across my carefree ana plan. it was a good plan, it just needed retooling. like limits on what i can eat on food days. so the revised plan is:
fast every other day. period, no fiddling with times (i was known for 6p-6p it was easy and confusing). set days for fasting are: monday, wednesday, friday. i can do those days no sweat, early classes and at home all day. doable if i fill in excess time with web, studying and reading. i should add cleaning to that list but i am too messy, i'll be working ALL DAY! LOL.
When i am eating I will have:
Bfast: fruit and juice or something cal equivalent.
Lunch: This is skippable, but light veggies with fruit
Din-Din: Veggie soup, mostly broth not a whole lot of stock.
no Bfast,no Lunch. only some juice to get metabolism moving. then eat 1/4 of restuarant food, no appetizers. and order lightest thing on menu, ie veggies or soup soup is easy to make look like you ate more than you did.
okay y'all tell me what you think and what further revisions should be made.
Scarlet <3

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