Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Hey guys,
so today is my birthday!!! I have no idea what i weigh and i don't care. last time i checked i was 226. oh well. I had cake and scallop massmun curry and all the bad things i never have. but i am just going to start eating for need only. like if i have a quiz or an exam i can eat a little something beforehand, but nothing afterwords. and on days when i have nothing to do i eat nothing as mi body doesn't need the energy and i'll workout as much as possible. no plans, no end dates this time. no slip ups. okay i can't guarantee no slip ups but the good will sure as hell outweigh the bad.
I got twenty bucks today and i am truly thinking about buying some laxies. i need them. i really can't deal with teas and i like the consistency of laxies. so i am going to use ten bucks on laxies.
JH wished me a happy birthday on facebook today. hmmm...not sure how to feel about that.
Scarlet SEVENTEEN! <3

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Woop-woop! lol.

    Is that $20 your birthday money? cuz if so you should spend it on something nice for yourself! like a new dress :)

    well, this is my new blog-
    it's my way of spreading the idea of using creative therapies to treat eating disorders.
    If you check it out- thank you! and if you like it- follow it!