Friday, March 5, 2010


Omg, omg, omg! My day has been pretty damn awesome. Much, much better than expected.
Okay, food first! I did okay today. Um, had some pop chips, and a spicy blackbean burger (grains and beans), and a zucchini fritter. Oh and a sparkling juice. So pretty good for the whole day and being out. Also small modification to my plan: no extra oil. Ie, stuff added by me because I realized oil is in everything.
Also, I didn't eat until 4pm. Yay!
So on to life stuff!!! I get so excited to update you guys on this stuff it's ridiculous.
So yesterday my fluid mechanics TA got really pissed at me because I turned in my homework with "I know how to do this question" as the solution to every problem( my prof said I can do stuff like that and it wasn't a lie. I knew how to do it. I didn't DO it, but I knew how). So he calls me in to prove it basically. So he picked a "random" problem from the homework set and basically asked me what equations I would need to solve it. It was no sweat and I got 100% on my homework. Woo!
Before this though, I went through physics and had a conversation with A! It was kinda funny because for the first time I was going the way A normally goes after class and he was going the way I normally go! Ha! And all I was thinking was: "damned TA, taking away my A time!" Until I realized I don't like A like that anymore so really nothing was being taken from me. Now to the good part: Physics lab. As you know, A, SC, and MF are my lab partners. However, my physics TA doesn't think it's fair to have a four person group. So we split into two: MF and A, and SC and ME!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Boo-yah! SC is all mine now! Sorry I couldn't hold it, I just had to tell you. But let me give you a backstory. Before lab, me and J were talking about random stuff. A comes over and was participating in a group fashion, but then he starts talking about a guy idk, and I kinda drop out the convo. J is a sweet guy though and steered the conversation back to something I could participate in! I kept thinking, man A is a jerk. Then I find out that he hasn't showered in three freaking days!! Omg, he smelled bad too. Then I found out he doesn't like lady gaga, thinks chemistry is too hard and complicated and all around hates it (hello, I'm a chemical engineer, we're basically talking about my life's work here), and how his favorite band ias Muse. Not that muse is a bad band. I think they're okay. But how can you not like lady gaga. I know she's weird but her music is awesome! And I just kept thinking to myself: fuck you and what you like, I don't care! No one cares A! What we care about is whether we could forcibly get you under the safety shower!
So we went into the lab and A and MF decide that we can split the lab and get it done quicker. So they do part A, and part B1 and stick SC and I with part B2 and C. Read: the hardest fucking part of the lab with the most complicated circuit/resistor arrangements. I'm sick and SC had taken some pain killers before class (he plays soccer) so we were both kinda out of it and at a major disadvantage. That was not a fair distribution of work! But it all worked out when we were forced to split (okay basically the TA was like: you guys aren't working in a group of four again are you? And we said no, liars that we are). SC and I struggled through the hard stuff, bugging the TA every second when something went wrong, and worked our way back to the easy stuff (which seemed SO easy compared to what we started with). Guess who finished first and who was still screwing around with circuit boards? That's right, SC and I were able to leave A and MF still bickering (did I mention they will bicker about a plan of action to fix the problem before asking the TA anything?), while we sailed off into the sunset. It was really nice being lab partners with SC because he really pulls his weight and isn't a burden (you know what I mean). I was helping A and MF set up the circuit for part B2 and I thought SC and I would continue what we were doing when I came back, but when I did come back, SC had already made the raw data table for the first part! He's a sweetheart and so, so great! And it wasn't like we were mummies during the lab, we were talking and having a pretty good time! Trying to see what each of us was going to do for spring break (which I am officially on now!!!) And how much of that we were probably going to spend on physics (SC says two days at least, I say about two at most, haha). It was enjoyable and fun. I'm actually happy! SC is so un ambiguous. I mean, idk if he likes me, but I know he'll talk to me after class, or say hi to me in the halls, or not cut me out a conversation like an Ass, I mean A. So cheers!
And OMG I have 61 followers!!! Hi!!!!
GTMS-Becca: Well yeah I know exactly what you mean. My parents and I always say:"a lot of people say their saints, but sometimes they're an 'aint" lol!
Jen: I know, all the carbs find out your name and call it out! Hahaha, thanks for the encouragement babes. <3
Neverfit: Hi!!! Welcome to the blog! Thanks for the compliments, I try hard not to go on hiatuses! I hope the Emma thing works out, and I will definetly check out your blog asap!
Scarlet <3


  1. yay! sounds like you had a really great day! woot woot! And you did really well eating, too! I love blackbean burgers, omgosh! They're soo delicious!

  2. Awwh i got the i'm so happy for you chill bumps lol when i read about the chemistry between you and sc in chemistry! jk! and yea for spring break i still have one more week left and i still haven't finished my art final! =( oh well i did save somone's life today! for real! lol and i'm so glad you seem so happy!

    stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
    xoxo Lyndee