Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Omg, I think I just outed myself as a spiderman nerd. Hahaha.
Hello my lovelys, I am in a very, very good mood today!!!! Monday I liquid fasted (as promised) and stayed under 600 cals (as promised)! Tuesday, was not a liquid fast, and it was a few more cals (around 840) but somehow, I am very proud of it! Okay here's the deal: I had a luna bar, two suckers, and like a smoothie, and some grapefruit juice. Literally that was it. I was so surprised at the end of the day because it was so little to actually eat!!! And I didn't start eating until 4pm!!! OMG!!!! I didn't even try to "resist" food. It was just at the end of the day, somehow, that was all I wound up with. I'm finally changing! My habits are finally becoming habits!!! Yayers!!! (Omg, nerd!)
And I weighed in today, so let's see the stats:
Monday: 220.8 lbs
Wednesday: 217.6 lbs
Yes you read that right. I have lost 3.2 lbs. So weekly minimum has been achieved, and the big brass ring ( 5 and up) is in my sights. I am not making any predictions (murphy's law), but I am hoping that the week ends well.
On to the personal life!
I didn't see SC yesterday. He didn't show up to class. Idk why. Hopefully I'll see him tomorrow! I did see and talk to A and J yesterday though and I did something highly empowering: I did what I wanted to do. Let me explain. As you know J went to the black eyed peas concert and I wanted to ask him about it. So after physics I went over to talk. J happens to sit next to A so I wound up talking to him too. At first it was the usual stuff: how was your spring break, whatcha doing this week, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then A is all "well I've gotta go," once again rushing off (to his class or whatever). Not that I cared because he's still acting all weird in conversations with me. So J says "okay man, see ya" and I was one beat behind J with my "okay see you thursday bye." Because I still wanted to ask J about the concert. I guess A thought I was going to walk out with him (granted I had my coat on and backpack all packed up), because the look on his face was that of surprise and maybe a bit of confusion before he straightened it, smiled and said "oh okay, bye." Interesting? For sure. Now if A likes me, and is just one of those guys who has the damnest time showing it, the past few events have not been good for him. His bff wound up inadvertantly pairing SC and I up as lab partners (thank you!) And I just picked talking to J over continuing some walking out the door convo with A. Wow, sucks to be A! I on the other hand feel amazing!!! Not that I was out to confuse or bewilder the poor guy, but it felt nice to be the confuser rather than the confused. This is what it feels like A. This is what it feels like when people do something completely different than what you expected. Ha.
Apart from that, I have something totally crazy to tell you guys. I was reading my march issue of seventeen again and I happened to read the horoscope for scorpio. It said that I would meet a great new guy on march 4. I know it's march 17 today, but I checked the calendar to see if anything happened on the 4th, maybe something I'd missed. Turned out something did happen: march 4 was the day I became lab partners with SC. I was like, wild cherry schapps!!!! (Yes, the flavors get more exotic the happier I am.) I couldn't believe it but it's true: I was destined to be closer to SC. Thank you God in heaven.
So, the plan today is 600 cals (I've only had 160 so far and I am saving the rest for dinner, which I'll have around 5:30pm.) And finishing most of my lab report, and studying for my humanities midterm that's tomorrow.
M-ilie: omg, that's so weird that happened to me too!!! My dad was going to get tickets for the BEP show over here but they were sold out and the brokers were charging crazy amounts for tickets so we didn't go! Strange.
GTMS-Becca: yep I was down there in tulsa like a month ago. So if you're over there then we might have seen each other!!!!
Scarlet <3


  1. Wow well done for losing 3.2lbs! Thats great.. hope you reach your goal by the end of the week and get your brass ring!
    And wow your horoscope is weirdly right haha, same with me i always find some link between my horoscope and my life...there really accurate! Hope all goes well :)

  2. snaps. I live in Oklahoma city, so we didnt, but it would have been really cool!

    ps your low calorie counts and weight loss are making me jealous. and happy for you. but also jealous, haha!

  3. welldone for completing the fast on monday, i'm so proud. and hun, 3.2lbs? thats so good. i haven't lost much, i dunno why, its very frustrating, but atleast one of us is. we will get skinny!!! :)
    keep up your good work hun. xxxxxx

  4. you just put the biggestest smile on my face, i actually don't know what to say. thankyou so mucho. you made me realise that in this journey, in this little secret world, i have actually made some friends...some 'true friends' and it makes me so are such an amazing person me thinks. and you have become more than just any regular follower.
    thankyou for always being there, to bring my mood up when its down. i really am lucky to know you.
    and i PROMISE i will post a pic as soon as i hit 130. thats 6lbs away. so, very very soon (hopefully).
    hope you're day is going well my love. keep up your fucktastic controllageness. love you lots and mucho lots. ;)