Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forget Me Nots

Hahaha, hello my lovelies!!!!! I am über happy today!!!! So my fast is still going awesome, can't wait to weigh in tomorrow!! Though I know I haven't cut my cals as much as I'd like...but I am in the peaceful existence of not having to truly worry about what I eat. It's not like I'm going crazy with the liquids anyway!
My physical chem exam went okay...hoping for a B on it. It was a super hard exam though!! Gosh, no phase diagrams or graphs like she drilled us on, just the hard calculation shit. Gah, whatever. I do well on quizzes and homework for this very reason. I have enough points to balance out a less than ideal exam grade.
Soo yesterday went great! So you guys know how I was way pissed at A because he didn't friend me on FB a month ago when he said he would. And I could sit around and bitch and moan all semester OR I could do something about it and not be a wimp.
So yesterday we were walking after physics (oh yeah, we do that now) and before we were about part ways I took a chance:
"Oh wait, I've been meaning to ask you something."
"Why didn't you friend me on facebook?"
He gave me a blank stare before answering, you know, like he had no idea what the hell I was talking about.
"Um, did you add me?"
"No, on your birthday you said you were going to look me up on facebook but you didn't and I was kind of like what the hell?"
"Oh, oh, I'm sorry, I just forgot!"
"Well I guess that's better than you just didn't do it."
"No, no, I'm sorry. Here I'll do it now. You were probably like oh this guy's a jerk, jerkface, big freakin' jerkface, why is he talking to me when he didn't even friend me on facebook!" Wow talk about self-inflict.
"Not really, okay, maybe a little." I said with a smile. A cracked up laughing while he pulled up FB on his Iphone.
"Um what's your name again? I'm sorry I'm just really bad at names, it's not you, I'm just really bad at names." Okay...
"Scarlet Mylastname"
"Okay, here you are and add...there we go." I whipped out my blackberry and accepted it right there.
Okay, I know he forgot my name, but now that I think about it, he has trouble remembering MF's name and they already know each other and have at least two classes together and they have the same major so I don't feel bad. I love how he was so apologetic and self-inflictish. Like he was really kicking himself for forgetting, which is right where I want him!!! Hahaha.
AthANAsy(gosh I hope I got that right): hahaha, you can totally get one!!! I mean, they're $200 but completely worth it!!!
M-ilie: oh I deff know what I put in everything. I can make 60oz of smoothie for like 500cals max. For the whole thing. Ridiculous!
Off to catch up on blogs! And study for my physics exam that's tomorrow!


  1. Good for you, making him feel bad! I've always found guilt is the best way to get people to do what you want! :]

  2. Haha, yur like, " fine forget to add me, but add me now and feel bad like i felt bad when you didn't add me." Ha. Love it.