Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Confessions Of A Starvaholic

I think I am really starting to get into this big time. Like I love that I'm losing weight, but it's also that high you get when you can say I haven't eaten anything since SUNDAY! It's funny, my mom said she was going to be on a liquid fast all week too right, she started yesterday and I'm telling you by the time she left for work she had eaten a banana! Hahahahaha. I think she should stick to losing weight the regular way.
Anyway, my fast is going great and I am getting skinny(er)!!!! Yay! I worked out yesterday (finally). I did 30mins of sculpting and 30 mins on my elliptical. I was absolutely pouring sweat. I felt so good though, like I'd conquered the world. I know my fast technically ends on saturday night at 10pm, but I really like the way I feel. The carefreeness I have. I haven't even been counting cals (even though there isn't any high cal stuff around, and I don't drink pop ever anyway), okay maybe a little bit, but I haven't been going over maybe 850-900. So I've been doing well. I know I'm going to have a great number on monday when I weigh myself. I think I'm going to make this a regular occurence though. Like liquid fast M-F every week. And eat light on saturday and sunday. It's funny, my parents know I'm on a fast but they want to go out to eat on saturday, but idc, I'm not eating that crap. My mom thinks that going to this vietnamese noodle soup place is a good idea. And I said, I'll drink the broth, but I'm not eating the noodles. She was all: "give them to me!" I was like omg are you serious. My parents haven't realized that noodles are like pasta's little sib. But whatever, they never listen to me anyway, they think I'm crazy.
I'm at my aunt's house right now, typing on my phone, sitting next to a reasonably full box of cheetos. Oh the irony! Btw, my aunt said nothing even though I am at least fifty pounds lighter and she is at least thirty pounds heavier.
I'm craving a smoothie right now. Hopefully I can score one before we go home. Oh god, I'm a goner. I'm dreaming about a smoothie. And I LOVE it!!!!!!!
Jen: oh, you're a lot like me. Scars don't heal easy. I have marks all over my legs from a few summers ago when these biting like flies were everywhere around my city (there's a very famous university in my city that's always doing experiments so things like this pop up. One year we had a ladybug/beetle hybrid going around) and I had a zillion bites. I picked at all the scabs so now I have all these dot marks down my legs. I just lie and tell everybody I had a bad case of chicken pox when I was younger! Haha. But seriously, they have waterproof spray on tans that you could use. And you're not stupid babe, it was just a bad time in your life. Haha, glad I can help!!!! You thinspire me too!!!xxxooo<3
GTMS-Becca: it's weird that you sis in law and mother in law are always commenting on your weight but they want you to do so much for them. I'm not saying to insult them back per se, but a nice backhanded comment would do them well I think. You know something simple like "so you have a salon appointment coming up soon huh?" And they'll be all "I just got my hair done!" (I know they have, most people do before they go out of town) and then just say "oh really? Mmm..." Really mysteriously and walk away. Be all smiles and just get them paranoid about something about them. Turn about is fair play my dear!
SkinnyBusiness: wow, that's really something, but I get what you mean. My weight was up and down as a kid too and it's weird now that I'm losing weight, I haven't really had to buy any new cloths because I had so many I couldn't fit before! Haha. Congrats on your current weight loss! We all go on and off, no one is 100% all the time!


  1. i love your bog because its always so positive! :) stay skinny love and ps- your aunt didnt say anything cause shes JEALOUS!

  2. Yay your liquid fast. I love this. Maybe I will do this with my ABC and just count the liquid calories. <3's Haha, I like how your parents are all cool with your liquid fast. I don't know how you can stand sitting next to a box of chetos. Maybe just blogging helped.